Scott Watermasysk

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ASP.Net MVC - a Step Towards a More Simple ASP.Net?

Although I have get my hands on ASP.Net MVC bits, I have a gut feeling I am going to like it, but I think my reasoning is different than most others.

It looks like there are lots of good things coming; better testability, cleaner separation of UI and business logic, and finally a way to do nice clean urls. All of this is nice, but what excites me most about it is just looks simpler. There does not appear to be a bunch events to wire up, you can build a good clean UI without creating controls, overriding events, etc.

IMO, the original page framework is not that bad. It just gives you too many options to do things that quite frankly do not need to happen in a web page. In most cases, Page_Load is all you really need. When I started coding Graffiti, I had the goal of keeping things as absolutely simple as possible. No server controls for the sake of server controls. No complicated set of events. Taken a step further, the public themable UI doesn’t even really use pages and instead using a simple text based template system which leverages NVelocity.

Only time will tell, but I am really hopeful that this will help move ASP.Net a giant step forward.

Note: Yes, I am aware there are projects like Castle (hat tip, we are using their updated version of NVelocity), but unfortunately until it is “in the box” it makes it complicated to build shippable products so I have not really dug into more than just kicking the tires.