Scott Watermasysk

Still Learning to Code

Azure Needs a Real RoadMap

I love the premise behind Azure. I love that I can leverage the platform I know the best. I love the services (.NET Services) Microsoft is building along side the hosting and data infrastructure. And while I understand that Microsoft has not even given them a beta stamp, I am very concerned that there has been so little messaging on the roadmap and delivery schedule since the first announcement at the PDC.

I know first hand that publishing a roadmap leads to additional speculation and headaches. I understand that it removes some flexibility and that some customers will take too literally.

However, Azure is a platform with quite a bit of lock in. The lock in, in general doesn’t bother me. What bothers me is if I were to start building something today, I don’t have a good sense of when I could ever bring it to production. For business looking to bring products to market built on the cloud infrastructure, this is always going to be a tough sell, but even more so with today’s economic climate.

Mix09 is right around the corner, so I am hoping Microsoft makes some big announcements. If not, I might need to refocus where I spend my time.