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Best Compact Digital Camera

On the home front, we are T-minus three weeks on the arrival of our first child. All the baby essentials (that we are aware of) are now taken care of…now I am starting to get a case of the PDGJ (pre-dad geek jitters).

First item on my list, a new Digital Camera. We already have two; a Nikon D50 which takes killer pictures, but since it is a digital SLR it is bulky and not very convenient. The second is a small Canon which takes OK pictures and can fit in your pocket if you really want it to, but not that comfortable.

So now, I am trying to search around for a really good compact digital camera. Almost all of them seem to have 3x zoom and a variety of features which I will almost never use (seriously, one has a foliage setting). With three weeks to go, there is not a lot of time to research, order, and play, so if you have any suggestions of cameras you love (or even ones you hate and I should avoid) please let me know in the comments.

My only real must have feature is it easily fits in my front pocket. Taking multiple pictures quickly is also a very welcomed feature (I love the digital SLR here). The ability to zoom more than 3x would also be nice, but should be considered optional. Any kind of stabilization features would probably also be helpful as well.

Thanks in advance for your feedback and suggestions!