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Best Way to Share Links on Twitter

I have tried a couple of solutions for sharing links on Twitter and I think I have finally settled on a winner: provides the five main things I was looking for in a link sharing/shortening tool:

  1. Simplicity – visit any page and click a browser bookmarklet.
  2. Shortening – very small urls which means you have plenty of characters left to describe the link.
  3. Publishing – easily publish to twitter. As soon as you shorten the link you are presented an option to publish right to twitter.
  4. Stats – nothing earth shattering, but it nice to see which links/descriptions get the most clicks.
  5. Direct links – users who click a link I tweet go directly to the link. There is no framing or second click required. For a while I was using Tumblr (which I love), but this required an extra click which sucked.

Another very interesting option is It has one really nice feature that is missing; scheduled tweets. This way instead of blasting your followers with a bunch of links in one batch you can schedule them out over a couple of hours. However, it has one huge issue, no direct links. Even worse they frame the link which is a very confusing experience. is also available via an API which means I can also use it from with in TwitterFeed as well.

Any other recommendations?