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Cigarette Butts

I am not sure if this is what the folks behind Blog Action Day were looking for, but here goes.

I am not the biggest fan of cigarette smoking, especially if I can smell the smoke. But for the most part, what you do in your own home/car is up to you. However, for those of you who flick your ashes and cigarette butts out your car window…OMG. Stop it. Seriously, stop it.

When I have confronted the “flickers” the number one response is they do not want the interior of their cars to smell like a burning cigarette. At this point, I usually want to explode. How is this not polluting? And why should I have to smell your stinking cigarette?

However, I do have a solution to this problem, but it will require all of your help (this is the Action in Action Day). When you see someone flick a cigarette out the window, get out of your car and pick it up. Proceed to the car with the flicker (especially if they are the driver) and politely flick the cigarette back into the car. For bonus points, if you happen to find another cigarette or two in the area, please include them.

Together, we can put a stop this filthy problem and make our world a little cleaner.