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Community Server 2008.1

Josh gives the low down on what you can expect to see in Community Server 2008.1.

Quick Summary:

  • Themes – Hawaii is getting a really nice make over.
  • Q&A – This is a killer forums feature which needed a little love to put it over the top. If you use your forums for support, this will be a game changer for you.
  • Wiki – This is our V1 wiki. It is very usable and will be base of some really innovative things in 2009.
  • Mail Gateway – this is an older feature, but it got a much needed tune up. We are using it religiously inside Telligent today and it has really changed things for us in a big way.
  • Evolution – Community Server for the intranet. Again, this is very solid, but I am already giddy thinking about what is going to be in v.Next. :)