Scott Watermasysk

Still Learning to Code



Dropbox is a super simple way to share files across multiple computers (PC or Mac) as well as with friends and family.

It does a couple of things I really like:

  1. It is accessible both on your desktop and the web
  2. Has a built in photo gallery tool which makes sharing a bunch of pictures as easy as dragging and dropping them to a folder.
  3. Supports easily sending links of files
  4. It is beyond easy to use

Some people don’t like the idea that doesn’t auto-sync directories, but I find that type of synchronization to the be job of another tool.

Dropbox is still in a private beta, but does offer 2 gigs of storage for free.

I have 5 more invites I can hand out for the service. If you are interested, please leave a comment with the name of the last non-Fiction book you read and would recommend to others. I will send the invite to the email you leave with the comment.