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eBay Bloggers Holiday Charity Challenge

Before you read the rest of this post, quickly look around your office and do a quick count on the number of usable gadgets and gizmos you have not touched in more than three months? I will wait….

Wow, quite a few things huh? What to do with all of this stuff?

An obvious and easy answer is eBay it.

I am definitely not the blog meme type of person. However, I am sure I am not the only person in this position. I am hoping to leverage the power of the web to not only help myself, but also do some good for others. So here is the challenge.

Find at least one gadget, gizmo, book, toy, etc that you are no longer using, list it on eBay, and donate a percentage of the proceeds to charity.

Here are my proposed rules:

1. Find something you are not using and sell it between now and December 25th 2008.

2. Donate a percentage of that sale to charity.

3. Tell others to do the same.

4. (optional) Send me an email at with the amount you donated. At the end of the month I will list (anonymously if you wish) the amount raised.

For those still needing more info, a quick FAQ:

How much do I have to donate?
This is your discretion. Only you know what level you are comfortable with. I am personally going to donate 25%.

Do I have to use eBay?
Of course not. If you would rather use another service, please do so.

Where should I make my donation?
Whatever moves you. I am a big fan of Alex’s Lemonade Stand and the JimmyV Fund. At this time of year you can also walk into just about any church and find a giving tree with requests by needy families in your neighborhood.

I don’t have anything to donate?
Seriously, look harder. Open a box or two. If not, feel free to pick a charity and send them something.

I don’t have anything to donate and cash is tight this year?
No worries, perhaps next year. If you have a blog, some other public outlet (twitter) or perhaps an internal alias at work, you can help by encouraging others.

I already donated plenty this year?
No worries, perhaps next year. Then again, maybe you could earmark November and December’s Google ads payment? What were you really going to buy for $5 anyway.

The economy is in the crapper. Shouldn’t I be saving?
Yes, you should be saving. However, I assure you, come this time next year no matter how bad the economy is, you won’t miss $100. Skip Starbucks for a week or two and we can call it even.

What do you get from this?
A smile, you can have one too.

What are you selling on eBay?