Scott Watermasysk

Still Learning to Code


I still prefer the command line for everyday git tasks.

However, there are now some really good GUI clients available (for OS X) which I believe make it easier to visualize and understand history of a project and it’s changes.

The ones I have used and like the most:

  • Tower Stunningly beautiful and a real joy to use. Costs $59 which feels a bit steep until you really start using it. If you want something polished, this is a great choice (I love the commit details with diffs).
  • GitBox. It costs $39 but can be used for free for up to 3 projects. It works really well, but lacks of Tower polish.
  • Gitx. Free as in beer and does a great job with the core basics.

If I make a purchase, it will be for Tower. At this point, I am likely going to hold off since I don’t think I will use it enough.