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Good Bye Doug

I went and said good bye to a really great guy last night, Doug Reilly. Doug fought a long and hard battle with Cancer. Unfortunately in this case, Cancer won.

I met up with Terri Morton at the viewing and we chatted a bit about him and the ways he helped us. He answered 1000’s of questions on various ASP.NET/SQL mailing lists/forums, wrote a couple books, and published three separate blogs. But I think the thing I will remember most is that he was just a good guy. He never had anything negative to say, always had a smile on his face, and always tried to help.

Most of my interactions with Doug were virtual and yet he will be very much missed.

If you have asked more than a couple questions on ASPAdvice, ASP.NET forums, or ASPFriends (in the past) chances are Doug answered a couple questions for you. If you have a couple dollars to spare, why not make a donation to the LiveStrong foundation so in the future we don’t have to loose another of the good guys to this disease.