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Hosted Subversion by Google

I was chatting with Jason about where to quickly host an open source project that offers Subversion for source control. A quick Google search leads you to…well…Google Code. I have seen a couple projects hosted on Google Code, but never dug into it. The ability to quickly and easily create a new project and use Subversion is pretty killer in my book….not to mention no long approval process (or the common Microsoft bias you see on other Open Source sites). I have quite a few small projects started locally, if Jason’s experiment with it goes well, I will start using it quite a bit. Speaking of Subversion and Jason:

  • Be sure to check out Jason’s project. He has been feverishly working on an OpenId library (a port of an existing project). OpenId has been in the news quite a bit and looks like it is going to be used everywhere in the coming months…maybe even Community Server. :)
  • We (Telligent) made the switch to Subversion and it has been excellent. Vault served us well (and I still very highly recommend for small teams…especially over Source Safe), but as we continued to grow, it just wasn’t working out for us.
  • I wonder if I can convince Rob Conery to switch to Google. I love his SubSonic project but got tired of fighting with Team System to make checkins and get updates.
  • Google’s Developer Knowledge Base on Subversion

If you have used Google Code, especially to host a project, please drop me a line below.