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Improving Kindle

I have had my Kindle since June. The hardware and user experience is really good, but there are some things Amazon could do to make the owner experience much better.


Here are my suggestions for taking the Kindle from Good to Great.

Total Price – $300+ for the privilege of buying eBooks? I do not see the masses making this commitment. I understand you cannot just give it way, but it would be a no brainer if the $100 – $200 of books where included.
eBook Prices – As an Amazon Price customer, I can have just about any book in two days for almost the same price as the eBook price.

I am guessing publishers are a big part of this, but a $2 difference in pricing is insulting.

Previous Purchases – Any book I have ever purchased on Amazon should be included for free. I already bought it and in just about every case spent more for the paper edition. If it is available on Kindle, it should be mine.
Blogs – seriously, I would have to pay per blog? I know there are some bandwidth concerns here, but I should be able to pay a simple monthly fee that should cover any number of blogs I can fit on it.
Social – To me, this is the biggest short coming. There is absolutely nothing social about this device. Why can’t I share (in a limited way) eBooks with friends? I can easily do this with a paper book. Why can’t I easily see what is on my friends Kindles?

Again, this is a great device and I highly recommend it. Hopefully Amazon is listening to its users and future versions will get even better.