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Blogging on a Mac

I am a still very happy Mac user and as I mentioned before, I have been very impressed at the Mac software choices. So far, the only real weak part for me has been blogging.

There still is nothing like Windows Live Writer available for the Mac. The two top tools are MarsEdit and ecto. Neither supports WYSIWYG or make it easy to configure extended MetaBlog properties without implementing the full MoveableType or Wordpress extensions. I did look into implementing the full API, but I cannot see why you want to require three separate calls just to publish a post (one to submit, one with the category information, and another to publish)

Since I can use Live Writer via Fusion, it is not a total loss, but I would rather not have to load a virtual machine to simply blog.

For now, when I want to blog (like now) from OS X, I am going to use TextMate. It does not have WYSIWYG support, but it is very easy to use and supports the extensions I want to use; not to mention all the baked in TextMate goodness.