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My Favorite Startup and Ruby Podcasts

My taste in podcasts varies by what is actually going on in my life. Right now it is mostly startups (KickoffLabs) and Ruby.

Here are my current favorites:

The Lifestyle Business Podcast

Don’t let the name full you. These guys are seriously focused on solid business skills. I have only been listening to them for a month or two, but it is one the few podcasts I now listen to every week.

Two recent episodes stand out to me:

  1. 9 Tough Truths About Running a Business and Changing Your Life.
  2. The Tao of the Hustle


Mixergy might be the podcast I have been subscribed to the longest. What I really like about Mixergy is the mix interviews: Founders of big and small companies, VCs, and everyone in-between.

Recent favorites:

  1. Curbly’s Founder Tells Me To Stop Ignoring Lifestyle Businesses – with Bruno Bornsztein
  2. Molehill’s Founder: Aim For Lifestyle, Not A Jackpot – with Tom Rossi
  3. How To Build A Profitable Lifestyle Web App, Even If You’re Not A Developer – with Dane Maxwell
  4. Pitch Anything
  5. Leadership Through Stories?! – with Derek Sivers

Note: Looks like the last two require a premium membership.

Ruby 5

Quick and concise updates on what is going in the Ruby world. Published twice a week and as you might guess, they are about 5 minutes long.


Ryan Bates publishes a weekly screencast on Rails. If you do work with Rails (or want to) you absolutely must subscribe to this podcast.

Recent interesting episodes:

  1. Pry with Rails
  2. Understanding the Asset Pipeline

Others that I occasionaly listen to:

  1. This Developers Life - Great developer stories.
  2. The Changelog - This used to be one of my top 5, but it has fallen off the radar for me.
  3. Ruby Rogues - Really good Ruby discussion on a single topic or two per week.
  4. VimCasts - I continue to be shocked at what can be done in Vim.
  5. Startups For the Rest of Us - If you are a developer and want to build your own startup, you can’t go wrong with this one.