Scott Watermasysk

Still Learning to Code

My OS X Ruby Dev Setup

I recently purchased a new MacBook Pro. While OS X has a couple of options to import your data and settings from one Mac to another, I chose to go the manual approach. This way, I would be much more certain that only the apps I really need to have installed and setup make their way to the new machine.

For (ruby) developer related tasks, here is my basic list:

  1. Install Homebrew. HomeBrew just keeps saving me time (and XCode since it was requested by HomeBew).
  2. Using Homebrew, I installed tree, git, git-flow, macvim, vcprompt, and postgresql. Of interest here, I symlinked the default vim install to the mvim script which was setup by homebrew (banged my head on the desk with this one for a while).
  3. Copied over the vimrc and related plugins. (I need to clean this up and store it properly in git).
  4. Set ZSH as my default shell. I am sure there are some other technical reasons for this, but for me, the improved tab completion seals the deal.
  5. Grabbed oh-my-zsh via git. I am on the fence with oh-my. I don’t think I am using enough of it’s features to warrant having a bunch of code I am blind to executing.
  6. Setup my dotfiles. I had been using a bunch of aliases/etc I picked up from PeepCode. But this time, I chose to go with an empty file and only entered the ones I know I use all the time. I then added a quick alais to load and reload the file. This way, I can add to it over the next couple of days as necessary.
  7. Installed RVM and setup 1.9.2 as the default. I only have a couple small projects on 1.8.7 which I hope to upgrade to 1.9.2 shortly. Fresh starts should be fresh.
  8. Added a gemrc file and disabled rdocs.
  9. Added bundler and awesome_print as global default gems. There are probably a couple of others which need to go in here in the near future.

That should be it. Just about everything else I may need is a quick brew/gem install away.

Of interest (at least to me) is that at this time, I have not installed Textmate (or anyother editor except vim). I am still getting up to speed in vim, but with the exception of copy and pasting I feel like I am just as fast as I was in Textmate. Hopefully not having the Textmate crutch will get me over the hump.