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Google Reader on an iPhone

I have tried a variety of tools for reading my Google Reader feeds on my iPhone.

  • Google’s mobile browser – works well, but requires a constant connection and little third party tool integration
  • Feeds – likely the most disappointing app I have ever purchased
  • Byline – pretty good overall experience. A little rough around the edges.
  • Newsstand – relatively new. My first day with it was good, but it was downhill after that.

However, with the recent update of the NetNewsWire iPhone app, all the applications listed above are dead to me. NewNewsWire for the iPhone may be the best application I have used on my iPhone.

Here is what it does really well:

Sync – it is fast, allows you to opt out of certain feeds, and unlike other tools I have tried it just works.

Instapaper- the Instapaper integration is flawless. Even better, if you do click a link from with in a post, you can add that specific page to Instapaper as well.


Twitter – the twitter integration is almost flawless as well. However, I would love to use instead of TinyUrl.


Navigation – very easy to move around, quick access to the next unread feed

Beautiful – no weird wood grains/etc. Just good access to the content you want.

River of News – easy access to new posts from the last 24 hours.

Cost – Free with ads and $1.99 to remove the ads.

Even if you prefer using Google Reader in a browser on your desktop, you really need to check this application out. I am 100% certain I will be reading a lot more RSS content in the coming weeks because of this application.