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As I previously noted, I have been increasingly frustrated with using my MBP for work. After hours it is still second to none, but as also previously noted, things are quite busy around here now and I really just want to get some things done. Here are a couple of quick observations on the switch back to Vista/Windows for the last couple of weeks.

x64 – I heard some horror stories from folks who jumped on x64 Vista on day one, however I have had zero issues with my everyday applications. There are some edge case utilities, but nothing I would miss. I am still pre-winrot, but both laptops fly on x64.

Sexy – I am writing this post on a Dell Latitude D630. It is a solid machine, but even if you hate Apple, you have to admit the MBP is a beautiful piece of hardware. However, I did see a new Latitude E series last week and Dell has made a major jump forward. If you are looking to buy a new Windows laptop, at least on appearance I would highly recommend you check out the E series.

EvernoteEvernote is an extremely useful tool which I have written about quite a bit. Although I do prefer the GUI for the OS X version, the integration story is way better on Windows. You can send clippings directly from the browser and Outlook directly to the Evernote.

Live Writer – By far the best blogging client at any price point Windows or OS X. The Wave 3 beta version is a bit flaky, but it is still very useful.

Battery – I popped a secondary battery into the modular bay and Vista is now saying I have about 6 hours. Vista on my MBP was horrible (~1 hour). Not sure if this is an Apple or Microsoft issue, but the new Dell is much better.

Vista Battery – speaking of batteries, this is a very helpful addition for those looking to eek out a little extra battery. (hat tip to Josh).

Chat – Live Messenger still does not have tabs. This makes no sense to me.

Outlook – I still hate email and Outlook is still a mess, but it is years ahead of Entourage in just about every way.

Launchy – Launchy is nice, but it is no QuickSilver.

1Password – This is a killer OS X app which integrates directly into every browser and manages all of your username/passwords and much more. I can still access my account via the browser, but it is not the same.

SharedView – this application for sharing your screen (and desktop control) for Windows has come along way since it was first released. More on this in a future post.

Stable – I skipped Vista pre-SP1. Except for an occasional Wifi hicup on Boot Camp, Vista has been really stable for me (~7 weeks usage).

Weight – My new 14 inch Dell weights more than the 15 inch MBP (even with out the second battery). I am starting to seriously consider picking up a NetBook (Dell Mini, HP, or Lenovo S10) for travel. My power needs are much less when on the road, so this is starting to sound like a no brainer. Just need to wait a bit and see which machine comes out on top.