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Pandora One – Simple Done Right

Last night I asked on Twitter if anyone had signed up for Pandora One and thought it was worth the $36/yr price.

Omar Shahine quickly responded that he felt it was and also said, “I consider it a donation for such an an awesome service”. He is absolutely correct. Even if Pandora One sucked, making a donation to such a useful service is definitely worth it. So this morning I went ahead and signed up and I have to say it is an absolutely fabulous experience on a couple fronts.

First, before we even get to the application, check out the sign up process and form (assumes you already have an account).

pandoraone sign up form

It really doesn’t get much more simple than this. No request for information they don’t need. An easy option to opt out of auto renewing. A thing of beauty if you ask me (although for the record, I would have loved to use PayPal or Amex, but maybe that is just me).

Next, the client. It serves a very simple task, show what is playing and it does it very well.

Pandora One Client

There is even some nice Growl like popups when the song changes.

pandora one growl

Finally, there are a bunch of options at your disposal for configuring the player, experience, and ratings.

pandora one right click

pandora one preferences

Overall, this is a killer experience and I highly recommend checking it out if you are even an occasional Pandora user.

Having said that, here are a couple things I think could make this better:

  1. Gifts – At $36 this would make an awesome gift for people. I would recommend they make it very easy to give this away very easily.
  2. At least on Windows (have not tried the Mac yet) I cannot get the player window to completely disappear.

…thought there would be more. This is really good. Stop reading this and go buy it.