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RVM Global

I am a big fan of RVM. If you mix this properly with a .rvmrc file and something like Bundler, you can grab a library or project and likely have it up and running locally in a matter of seconds.

One obvious piece of RVM that I had been missing was global gemsets. Global gemsets:

Gems that are installed to the per-interpreter @global gemset are available to all other gemsets for that interpreter.

This is a good way to allow all of your projects to share the same installed gem for a specific ruby interpreter installation.

You can chalk this up as one of those how in the hell did I use this thing before I had this knowledge. :)

Actually, what I was doing was crowding my Gemfile with unnecessary libraries like awsome_print and racksh to make it simple to recreate an environment. However, now with global gemsets, things are much simipler (and cleaner).

Also, be sure to check out Gemset Initialization in Ruby Installs which looks like it allows you to specify gems to be installed in each new ruby instance.