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Silverlight – Eye Opening Moment

I am only a handful of days removed from Mix09. So a quick warning that there still may be some lingering fanboy in air. :)

Mix is by far my favorite Microsoft conference. It has an energy about it that you don’t find at PDC, Tech-Ed, or any of the smaller one off Microsoft events. If you have never made it to a mix, I highly recommend attending next year.

One thing that happened at Mix this year is my opinion of Silverlight drastically changed.

I have never thought Silverlight was bad, I was just more in the camp of “it’s an answer to a question which was not being asked” and preferred to stick with simpler web standards.

However, after seeing what they have accomplished in Silverlight 3, I am really starting to consider it as a more general purpose tool. There are still a couple of things that I desperately wish they would add/enable(future post), but on the whole, I can really see how Silverlight could benefit a large of audience of users for a variety of scenarios.

I am definitely looking forward to spending more time coding in it in the coming months.

If you did not get to attend Mix or even if you did and somehow in Vegas managed to miss a session or two, be sure to watch the sessions online.

Update: browsing through my links to read in Instapaper, I came across a great Silverlight 3 feature write up by Tim Heuer.