Scott Watermasysk

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People Under Time Pressure Don't Think Faster

I am not 100% sure where/why I bought the Slack, but a quick Google search reveals a quick review by Chris Kinsman, so my money says I added to my shopping cart after seeing his review.

Chris’s overall summary is right on. The book starts off great, but Tom Demarco’s “implementation” was a little dry. This seems to be a common pattern for books like this, they present a great argument, tips/suggestions on what to look for, how to identify the problem, but coming up with a clear answer is usually what separates a good read from a great one.

It’s not a long book and if you have a jammed back schedule, it will likely open your eyes. As the title suggests, my favorite line in the book is a quote from Tim Lister, “People under time pressure don’t think faster”.