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Sparking Azure

You know what they say, it only takes a spark. :)

As I mentioned before, I have fallen in love with the Spark ViewEngine. It is a very nice mix of power and simplicity. I also been spending a lot more time on cloud related initiatives, so I was bummed to learn Spark could not be used on Azure (compute) since it requires full trust (and Azure initially had a no concept of trust levels, it only had one limited trust level).

Fortunately for me (and hopefully you) one of the many Azure Mix announcements was support for Full Trust. What this means is that you can now easily use Spark on Azure. All you need to do complete the following two steps.

1. Enable Full Trust. Unlike traditional ASP.Net sites, full trust is not enabled in the web.config and it is not the default setting. As pointed on on the WindowsAzure blog, all you have to do is set the enableNativeCodeExecution attribute to true in your service definition file (for the web role).

2. Mark your view as content. This unfortunately needs to happen for every view you add to your project. I am hoping there is a way to automate this or do pre-build. However, until I figure that out, it needs to be done manually otherwise the view will never be found. (hat tip)

I have only done a minor bit of testing, but so far, it all seems to be working. If you find any issues, please drop me a comment.