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Sparrow for Email on OS X

After swearing off Outlook a couple of years and finally freeing myself from the tyranny of Exchange1, I really did not expect to be using a native email client anytime soon.

However, that quickly changed after using Sparrow.

Things I really like about Sparrow (and the recent 1.1 update):

  • It is small and minimal
  • Labels are easily accessible, but out of the way by default
  • Supports priority inbox (which has worked really well for me)
  • Easy access to multiple inboxes

If you use Gmail2 from a Mac, I highly recommend checking it out. There are free (lite) and commercial editions available in the Mac AppStore.

1 Telligent used Exchange for email.

2 Sparrow 1.1 added generic IMAP support, but I have not used it.