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Think Big, Act Small

View Think Big Act Small This summer, instead of writing frequently I chose to spend most of my free time reading. Overall, I probably managed to squeeze in about 10 books. By far my favorite has been Jason Jennings, "_"Think Big Act Small":".

TBAS highlights nine super performing companies and their common traits. This is an approach that has been done quite a few other times (I am also a big fan of Jim Collins From Good to Great &link_code=as2&camp=1789&tag=tripleasp-20&creative=9325), but the advice and lessons in TBAS IMO where not only practical, but could also be implemented in just about any other company (even on a per team level).

While Telligent" is still a very small company in the grand scheme of things, we have been growing an a phenomenal rate. TBAS has really opened my eyes to ways I can help keep that small company feel and culture while we manage to grow by leaps and bounds on a monthly basis (it also doesn’t hurt that Rob has read and liked the book as well :).

TBAS is also a very easy read, so even if you generally do not enjoy Business/Management type books, I think you will really enjoy this one.