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Tweetie – Best iPhone Twitter Application

The application I use most on my iPhone is easily Tweetie, which IMO, is by far the best Twitter application on the iPhone.

Some will argue that TwitterFon is the same but free, but for me, the polish and simple features of Tweetie make it well worth the money ($2.99).

Here are some of the things I like:

  • Speed. It is very fast at start up
  • Simple theme (although simple is not the default).
  • Integration with Instapaper – which I am using very frequently these days.
  • Saved searches
  • “Finger swipe” favorites and replies.

Others I have tried:

  • Twitterific – the original but didn’t keep up with the other new comers. Not sure when it was last updated.
  • Twitterville – launched like a rocket and did have my eye for a day or two until I met Tweetie.
  • TwitterFon – not bad and has a strong following. But if I am going to waste many hours on Twitter, I am willing to pay $2.99 for some nice polish.
  • Twinkle – another one with a big following, but I never got why people liked it. Too sparkly for me.

The AppleBlog also has a write up on 12 iPhone Twitter clients.

Unfortunately, there is still no way to demo any of the iPhone applications before you purchase them, so it will cost you $2.99 to give it a shot. But if you give it a try, I am willing to bet you will really like it.