Scott Watermasysk

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Graffiti Plugins: Twitter & RSS

The download link below contains the binary and source for two Graffiti plugins.

  1. Twitter – This plugin will update your Twitter status anytime you make a new post.
  2. RSS – This plugin will include the information below at the end of posts in your RSS Feed. In addition, it also allows you to customize the layout using a template.
  3. Related Posts – The three posts most related to this one (based on the post content). This can sometimes be a hit or miss depending on the amount of content
  4. Category – The name of the category and a link to view the other posts made to the category
  5. Tags – A list of the tags for the post and a link to each tag specific page

If you want to see an example, please check out my RSS Feed. :)

Download: ScottWater.Graffiti.Plugins