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Twitter for Windows

It looks like I have managed to get a couple of people to jump on the Twitter wagon (well, I guess the tons of press probably had something to do with it.)

Even though Twitter is insanely simple, there are a variety of ways to interact with it. Out of the box you get:

  • Web
  • SMS
  • IM (GTalk/Jabber and AOL)

Most of my twittering on Windows has been via the web. However with a nice and simple API available, there are a couple Windows clients available.

Tonight I tried three of them:

  1. triQQr – This is a very new tool. Simple to use, but still needs some polish.
  2. Twitteroo – Installed easily and posted as expected. However, it seemed to get stuck fetching recent updates so I moved on.
  3. TwitBox – Very simple to use tool, no install required, see details below.

It looks like I am going to stick with TwitBox. It is super easy to use, seems to do a good job of keeping itself updated, and has some very helpful keyboard shortcuts. So far, the only thing that is missing is some kind of TinyUrl integration.

Does anyone have any other suggestions?

BTW, for those of you using a BlackBerry, the GTalk integration is really nice. If you are like me and do not have an unlimited SMS plan, this can save you some cash.


I just gave another two applications a quick try.

  1. Twitterlicious – This is very nice and lightweight. Not as feature rich as Twitbox, but very usable. If Twitbox is too much for you, Twitterlicious should do the trick.
  2. Twitter WPF – This one looks promising, but I could not get it run. It installed (via Onclick) nicely, asked for my credentials, and now dies whenever it starts. I will give this one another try in a couple of weeks.