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Smile and Wave via Google App Engine

Just incase you been living under a technology rock for the last week or so, please go check out the Google Wave demo video before continuing reading this post.

Based on the Wave video and this roadmap post by the Google App Engine (GAE) team (along with a little bit of bias/opinion) I think it is safe to assume the following:

  1. GAE will be the preferred/default way to host your own instances of Google Wave (remember, it is largely going to be open source).
  2. GAE will be the preferred way to build extensions to Wave (XMPP and bi-directional email support)

Regardless of whether or not Wave is largely adopted and has long term success (the best technology does not always win…Twitter, I am looking right at you :) the power and beauty of HTML 5 is being put front and center. While I was starting to see some potential in Silverlight, I am now firmly back in the camp of primarily leveraging the browser.