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When Factory Girls Kill

Keeping with my goal of feeding Google the crazy things which cost me hours in my day…

I had a simple association defined in my factory_girl factories file:

Factory.define :site do |s|
  # most removed 

Did you catch the bug? Neither did I.

This setup had worked fine for a couple of weeks. This morning I ran rake db:drop and attempted to recreate my developer database from scratch and I was greeting with a long error message related to the users table not existing.

Thankfully the backtrace mentioned factory_girl, so I had a good idea where to start.

Turns out, I had a bit of a chicken and egg going on.

I had added the factory above after I had created both my site and a user tables to the database and did not think too much about it. When I ran my migrations and everything just worked.

However, once I dropped the table and the code in this factory was loaded all hell broke loose since was executed right away. The fix is subtle and makes a lot of sense:

Factory.define :site do |s|
  # most removed 
  s.user {}

By wrapping in a block it is no longer executed until it is needed, which in my case is well after the user table is created.