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WWDC 2008 Wishlist

I am new to the Apple FanBoy world, so I am still feeling my way around the rumors and speculations of what will be announced at next week’s WWDC.

I have no rumors to post, so instead, I am just going to post a wish list.

  • 3g iPhone. This looks like a forgone conclusion. I love my first generation model, so I will order v2 as soon as I am given the opportunity.
  • 13 inch MBP – I love my 15 inch MBP, but I would love to shave 1 or 2 pounds off of it. Since I use a monitor most of the time, I don’t think I would be giving up too much (a beefier MBA would be welcomed as well).
  • Apple TV – My dad bought on 3 months ago and I have been very impressed by its simplicity. Since Apple has been stuck on 40 and 160 gig models, I am trying to be patient and wait for them to release a hardware upgrade.