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WWDC 2009 Predictions

This is probably more of a wish list than predictions of what will be announced at WWDC 2009. I really have zero insight into the Apple world, but I know what I want and have a few guesses.

Here goes.

iPhone 3.0 – In addition to the already announced OS updates, I am hoping for a better camera and video support (it kills me that I need to carry an iPhone and Flip) as well as an announcement about improved bandwidth from AT&T. Anything else is gravy.

If they really wanted to make me (and many others) very happy they would announce the ability to pre-purchase online and save me the hassle of checking store availability and potential lines. Seriously, I would pay extra to just buy and get on with my day. Odds: Very likely (minus the web store)

iPhone Nano – Price is often sited as a something that holds the iPhone back. I think size does it for many as well. If they went smaller web browsing would suck, but most other items would still be quite useful. I think you will see a version that is about 70% the size of the current iPhone. Odds: Likely.

iTablet – this has been circulating for years in some way/shape/form. I would love to see a device that is about 2.5x to 3x’s the size of an iPhone, running the iPhone OS, and essentially provide the iPhone experience in a slightly bigger form factor. Odds: Somewhat likely.

MacBook/MacBook Pro upgrades – I have been sitting on a the new purchase of a MacBook (not pro this time) until June 8th. I would love to see the MacBook updated to support for than 4gb of RAM. I am likely going to splurge on a really good SSD, if I can boost the RAM I would be very happy. Odds: Not likely.

Steve Jobs cameo – He will be there. I guarantee it. Odds: just guaranteed it didn’t I?